Crossroads Classics

Classic Candle Fragrances

Welcome to Crossroads Candles’ Classics Collection – Our signature collection of classic fragrances that evoke a sense of nostalgia and make you feel right at home. Choose from a number of warm, pleasing aromas, like Apple & Spice, Buttered Maple Syrup®, Cinnamon Sticks, Fresh Apple, Fresh Linen, Grandma's Kitchen, Lemon Cookie and Sweet Pear Crisp — all designed to bring an inviting atmosphere of tranquility and coziness into any space. Our candles are hand-crafted using unique blending methods to ensure that each candle has a consistent scent throw from first lighting to last. We are proud to use clean-burning, blended paraffin wax, which allows us to add the maximum amount of fragrance to every candle, giving you peace of mind when choosing Crossroads Candles for your home fragrance needs.

Let the beauty and warmth of Crossroads Candles fill your space with wonderful aromas that calm and welcome you as soon as you walk through the door. Experience comfort like never before with our classic fragrances.

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