26 oz. Jar Candles

26 oz. Candle Collection

Crossroads Candles offers an amazing selection of 26-oz. jar candles perfect for any occasion! Our hand-crafted candles are available in over 70 delightful fragrances that  are sure to please. Whether it's the rich, decadent scent of Buttered Maple Syrup® or the musky elegance of Caribbean Teakwood, we have a scent for every preference in our collection of high-quality candles. In addition to adding beautiful ambiance to your space, these candles also have a very impressive burn time of 120-140 hours, providing premium fragrance that lasts. Shop with us today to brighten up your home and let your guests know you appreciate quality home décor that also makes your living space smell delightful. Plus, ordering items online is easier than ever with Crossroads Candles: Just pick out the fragrances you love, and rest assured, knowing that we deliver them right to your doorstep!