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Looking for a fun, profitable way to raise money for your school, sports team, church, or other organization? We invite you to explore a new fundraising opportunity with Crossroads. Candy bars, cookie dough and lollipops are nice, but candles last much longer and appeal to a larger group of potential buyers. Not to mention that your group can earn up to 50% profit on every Crossroads product. So if you wish to raise $100, for example, you would have to sell 200 candy bars, 25 tubs of cookie dough, or 400 lollipops to meet your goal. But with a Crossroads fundraiser, you would only need to sell 13 candles to meet your goal. This means less work and more profit!


The Crossroads Advantage:

High Quality Products

Who doesn’t love a great-smelling, clean-burning candle? Candles are a perfect gift for the holidays, or as a housewarming gift, a dinner party gift, a thank you gift, or a birthday gift. Crossroads firmly believes that a great product makes all the difference in having a successful fundraiser.

Fun & Easy

Our fundraising program is fun and easy for groups of all sizes. Regardless of your need, we have a program that will help you raise funds for your cause. Full-color fundraising brochures are provided as well as one-on-one professional service from our fundraising director.

Higher Profits

Earn up to 50% profit with our fundraising programs. No minimum purchase needed. We offer a traditional catalog fundraising as well as an online option. You really have nothing to lose – only profit to gain – by pursuing a fundraiser opportunity with Crossroads. 

Free Shipping

Fundraising orders of $1,500 or more qualify for free shipping. Other pickup and delivery options available on smaller orders.

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Interested in adding delicious, all-natural jams, jellies and fruit butters to your fundraiser offerings? 
Visit the Cooper's Mill fundraising page by clicking here.

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