Grandma's Kitchen

Grandma's Kitchen Fragrance

Bring warmth and welcome into your home with the timeless classic aroma of Grandma’s Kitchen. This fragrance collection will help you create an inviting atmosphere with its special blend of almond, vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of cocoa. We’ve crafted this nostalgic fragrance for our customers to truly experience going back to the good old days in grandma’s kitchen.

This delightful scent comes in a range of jar candle sizes as well as flameless alternatives. From 12 to 96 oz. jars to scented cubes, crumbles, reed diffusers and room sprays, you can customize your indulging experience. Our candles are made with high-quality paraffin wax, which allows us to add the maximum amount of fragrance possible. This means you get longer-lasting fragrances that stand out and make any room inviting! Experience the unique pleasure of Crossroads Candles today.