crossroads scented candles and decorative accessories

Candles & Accessories

Crossroads Candles are the pinnacle of quality and style in scented candles. Our candle line is designed to fill your home with beautiful aromas and a lasting glow for hours on end. We use high-quality paraffin wax that cleanly burns and creates an inviting ambience in any room. Whether it's a romantic dinner or family gathering, our unique fragrances provide a comforting atmosphere that's perfect for creating special moments. With over 70 fragrances and jars ranging from 12 oz. to 96 oz. to choose from, Crossroads Candles ensures you'll find one that's just right for your home.

If you're looking for an extra decorative touch, try our unique jar candles with exclusive artwork to spruce up your decor! We also carry a wide variety of accessories for your candles, including stands, holders, wick trimmers and more – everything you need to enjoy long-lasting lighting, delicious smells and cozy warmth in any space.