The Best Scented Candles & Flameless Fragrances

Crossroads Candles is the ultimate destination for bringing delightful fragrance and ambiance into your home. Our wide variety of fragrances can help you create a unique atmosphere that suits any occasion or décor. With over 70 fragrances ranging from "fresh from the oven" bakery scents, to farmer’s market-inspired aromas, to nostalgic fragrances like our Autumn Memories and Holiday Traditions collections, you will find a scent that speaks to your heart. We also offer lighter springtime scents in our Springtime Treasures collection, as well as everyday Relax & Unwind options. Whatever you are looking for to set the perfect mood in your home, we provide premium quality choices in an array of formats including candles, wax melts, room sprays, reed diffusers and air fresheners. Find your signature scent at Crossroads Candles today!